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The one and only Jilla Bean [userpic]

January 3rd, 2007 (07:13 pm)

current location: Little Egypt
current mood: happy
current song: Some classical number

Yes, the cheesecake was yummers...I'm very proud of myself...

So I got off tomorrow from work, yup, I took a day :::gasp:: : whatever shall they do...sure, I have to deal with the mess on Friday but I think I am leaving the lab in capable hands that I wont have to break.

So now Im sitting here waitng for Dorothy to come and collect me so we can so to CoSM and dance our asses off...or in my case, dance the cheesecake off. 

I got to spend some time with Tim yesturday, which was pretty much the highlight of my week. I had to see him, feel his arms around me, his lips against mine. We both have so much shit we have to fix within ourselves before we can be...again. If...
But Im just happy knowing he is still there for me and he knows I am there for him. He is such a special person. Hopefully we will be getting together some time next week. I so miss his embraces.
I found the emerald ring that I hadnt worn in forever, firt, because its gold, and I dont wear yellow god, second , well, I dont have a second. I wonder how much It would be to change the setting to something white gold. its a triangle, so I dont know if that would be extra because its not a typical setting. Im going to have to look into that one.

Well, I really dont have much to rant about today, besides the usual assholes from work who think I can split in two and be in 2 places at the same time. Heck, if I could do that....Id be making money off of myself. 


We invoked Inanna the other night, she is so amazing, the things she showed me, wowed the socks off of me. I felt such comfort with her.
She opened her arms up to me and accepted me.
I am now devoting myself to her as a priestess.

Thinking about heading up to High Rock tomorrow, its supposed to be nice out. Maybe Ill do that, grab the headphones and pepperspray and dagger ( yeah im fucking paranoid...and what ... ). Probably be too chilly to head to the beach, but we shall see. I have some returns to take care of at toys r us and the mall ( ack )