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The one and only Jilla Bean [userpic]

WTF .... really....

September 6th, 2007 (09:19 pm)
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WOW has it been that long since I updated...Sure I have posted galore on Myspace...I could always copy and paste from there....but I wont...because most people who have my LJ are also my Myspace friends...and if you arent...you should be...

WOW, what to say, so much has happened between then and now..The best part, I am out of Brooklyn and in my new white and shiney, CLEAN rat free store...Still hangin with my girls Melly and Lena...Wont get into the Dorothy issue...its a dead issue and I am leaving it at that, seeing how I dont talk about people behind there backs like others do.

Just a whole lot of work and shit...Jamie is leaving his wife...::kablink:: yeah, that threw me for a loop...

Heck..be a friend and here is my plug for myspace...read all about my crap there..there is just so much to tell..


I think the link is on my front page of LJ anyway....Im friggen beat...

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