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The one and only Jilla Bean [userpic]

My gooodness

December 30th, 2006 (03:51 pm)

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So, I was woken up at 5:30 this morning, by the phone, which is never a good sign. It was grandma...she told me grandpa is sick...so I went up stairs to wake mom up, and then I went back to sleep. Woke up to the sound of  people outsid, opened the shade....ambulance diving away as well as the paretns car...
Yeah, grandpa fell this morning, luckily, nothing broke, hes just really really sore. Atleast nothing is broke, bruises heal. Maybe Ill send him some reiki when I go downstairs later.

yay...off for 2 days with nothing but a quiet house...a few friends...quietness...then.....PARTY....Im going to lay down now.

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(no subject)

December 25th, 2006 (11:44 am)

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current mood: chipper
current song: type o negative - let me love u to death

Ahhhhh, its about to end, well, not really...Now I am going to have the after xmas rush...but hey, its keeps my numbers up...

Saturday was fabulous, thank you so much Melissa and Scotty, dinner was awesome. I dont know Melly how your not 500 pounds by now living with that man and his mean cooking skills. I forgot the buy some of his peanut butter cups ::pout:: and I want them, so you have to save me some so I can get some next time...and you guys have to come over so we can play that game...::sage nod::

Work was interesting the next day, Ill tell you that. People stayed away from the lab unless they had actual business to attend to with me. It was a fun day though, even though that creepy guy was lurking in the emp parking lot, eyeing all our cars. 

On my way to Dorothys last night I stopped by the other WAG and wished Tim a merry one. I was gad to see him and him to see me. Im glad he is working on fixing himself. Maybe one day we can be together in a relationship again, we are still going out to lunch on tuesday.

I got my black robe and my annual one hour massage gift certificate from mom n dad...along with a few other needfull things.

I really should be in the shower by now and ready to get dressed, but I dont wanna....bleh...but atleast I get to see my little man today. Then tonight, the family...um, woot? Dont get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but sometimes, I'd just rather spend the holidays with just my mom n dad and sis and bro in law and nephew. Next year this time there will be a new rug rat running around. So that is something to really look forward to...Hopefully, the year later, I will have one of my own. We shall see. 
Focus is on work and dancing and my spirituality first... ::sage nod::

I need to find cloths and get dressed...the house will be full soon...and im lookin kinda scary right now...

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2 more days

December 22nd, 2006 (06:20 pm)

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current mood: tired

then I can relax...today was oddly, not busy in the lab. Steady, but not busy. Odd.

So it seems I will be going to Vt the second weekend so I think I am going to be able to go to CoSM next month, if Imani changes it to Satuday, which is I think what she is planning on doing..Yay. 

My back is achey. This weather suck, but yay, I dont have to go to the mall like I thought I had to. It would be insane there and I probably would hit someone. Or kick someone atleast.

Mom n dad are going to Sachas for xmas eve...So atleast I will have one night of peace and quiet, then for new years they are going to Virginia to visit my sisters mom in law...yay...more peace and quiet... and partying..muaahah some more.

I so need a nap, but If I nap now, im not sleeping tonight and something is telling me, tomorrow is going to be obber nuts, sooo im going to bed early with a trip up to Starbucks before work. Sunday will be fun, I will have two of my techs and me...therefor...I will be doing alot of..Nothing... like I did last year...more...muahahaha. 
The damn holiday is killing me, but it isnt as bad as last year.

Tuesday is lunch with Tim ::twitch:: what the hell are we going to talk about? I can picture it now...shoving food in my mouth so I dont say anything evil. Not that Im mad at him, im actually okay with everything. I just miss him, and yes, I still love him, BUT, we arent right for each other. bleh.

Gotta brave atleast one store with Dorothy...


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(no subject)

December 10th, 2006 (07:39 pm)

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current song: GWAR

So, I didnt stay up till dawn to see Mercury, Mars and ...Jupiter, I think it was Jupiter, but Im drinking some magic hat and I cant recall. BUT, If anyone thought I was going to be up at dawn, they werent with me last night.Pomigrantie Margaritas...yummers...thats alll I can say about that...But I dont get hangovers anymore really, so its all good. Maybe its the reiki...or maybe my body is getting used to sometimes alchoil abuse I've been doing to it. Afterall, I am my fathers daughter,not that daddy is a alchoholic, but he can drink...and i can drink...and im more like him..soooo yeah.
Almost done with the holiday shopping. Just my sister is left, I have to call her and see what she needs, but after that, Im all set...its a record..
The Bruster is making me work on xmas eve...well, all my lab minions will be there, so I dont know exactly how much work I will be doing. I should take some pictures, afterall, This is going to be my last year in that place. Now if only I could find a way to spike the eggnog...
I could proabaly pull it off this year, but we dont need me drunk in my lab with a camera and photo techs...it could be very very dangerouse. And Imsure if that my DM would show up, because thats the luck I have. But its been fun so far, so I cant bitch...I just have to remember to call him tomorrow before he does the schedual and tell him to give me the 7 - 3 shift so I can scadadle early. 

SO Im thinking about going to VT either the first or second weekend of January as a small break before the craziness of a new position starts, im sure if Debs isnt in the mood for company, my aunt will have no problem with me crashing at her house, seeing as all her kids are off to school...or wait..they might be there, I dont know..whatever, my family rocks.

See this is another reason I wouldnt mind moving into my parents house if I move up there, I would have it...my parents wouldnt have to worry about the strange poeple they rented it to were doing...well, dad would worry about me and the firepit,,,,but seriously, do they really think I would go set a fire too close to the LOG cabin...even I have better sence then that, and the fact that I dont know how to work the pellet stove and have no intention on learning should bring comfort to the oldman. I just dont know if I could tolerate a roomate, I really do like my solitude, but at the same time, it would be very very lonely especially if I live on the mountain.
If I just live in the city It would be good too, just...the winter months, my parents might have to stay with me because some strangers are in there house.....I dont know, this is definitly something I have to think about. Especially since I will be making awesome money for someone who lives up there.

Last night was a blast, thankies Melly for comming out with me and meeting my crazy friends.

Things are definitly looking up...woot !!

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December 6th, 2006 (05:19 pm)

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current song: just tv

Yeah, so they still have my car, its been how many days now? They have had it since Saturday...I think its time for a new something something. This is it, Ive put more into it then Its worth. But atleast they found the problems, rewired the stereo, alarms, and whatever the fuck else Tim had his friend put in. OH Ill get him....lol...
Im now thinking a nice Toyota Hybrid...or VW...Im going to need something to get to Brooklyn and back,sooo, yeah, besides, I have a feeling I am going to be spending more time in Vermont, so I need something dependable. 
Thank goddess for Vermont. Im seriously thinking about moving back up there. There is so much good energy and I relax alot more easier up there. PLUS I allready have a house so I just have to worry about bills...which wouldnt be bad..So, its definitly a possibility, but its only a thought right now, I have alot to do before I make that decision. I sure would be nice to go back there for good. No place is more beautiful, in my opinion. Sure, I would miss my friends, miss CoSM , but its only a 5 hour drive, it also gives people a place to escape too..yay. Yeah, this thought is definitly on my mind.

It's finally feeling like winter. Wouldnt it be nice to have a white christmas. I hope we do.
My sister sent me a picture of her latest sonogram, unfortunitly, they cant see the sex yet, I hope its a little girl..so I can have a neiece and nephew...that would be fun.
I can't wait till the holidays are over, working is kicking my booty.

Saturday is going to be a fun release tho, a night out with the girls..yay...

Time to go get din din ready

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Well, its about friggen time

November 24th, 2006 (09:31 pm)

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So, I spoke with my district manager today and told him I need to know if I am definitly getting promoted, because it would be nice to plan more of my future...SO, he is going to call me on, or around January 15th and let me know where I am going to be transfered to to start traning for assistant manager.
ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME.....my boss didnt look to happy..but oh well, 3 years in that lab will make anyones head want to blow up. Sure, its more physical work, but Im up for that, I know what physical work is and I prefer it, the thing is, I do more work now...and have to deal with more work in my position now. So, I think I can handle less work for more pay. Yay for me..doobie doobie do.

Going to brave the mall with Dorothy , mus buy cloths, need new pants, mos of them are too big on me, and I cant shrink them anymore...lol. Need some light shirts too , to dance in. Still not comfortable with my arms, buuuut thats what long or quarter sleeves are for.

Today wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, the last three years, black friday was wretched. But I did find out im still leading the district in greeting card sales and the contest is almost over soooo if I win, I wonder what my lab gets....watch, im going to loose at the last minute, lol...oh well. Kinda screwed me up being off yesturday..I htink its sleepy time soon.

My buddy has me addicted to IMUV.com, awesome instant messanger thing which gives you a 3D charrie to play with, it kinda rocks.

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(no subject)

November 23rd, 2006 (01:08 pm)

current mood: blank

So, I pulled senority and got off of work today, it help that I have two muslims in my lab that doesnt celebrate Thanksgiving, well, I dont know what there is to celebrate...if you think about it, we are celebrating the death of the native people..the land theft...yadda yadda, but we all know what happened and Im not getting into it. Tonight I will do a ritual to honor them.

My lab is finally decked out for the holidays, this year my boss brought out the big TV from the office and hooked up the dvd player that we are selling so I can play A Christmas Story all day, muahahah, atleast, thats what Im threatening my photo tech who hates that movie with. But Ill bring in a few other ones...PG ofcourse ::pout:: Oh well. If you have the volume up it drowns out the wretched xmas music.

That damn muscle in my back still hurts...thans Tim :::wink:: I needed that workout.

So tomorrow starts the official craziness. Not only is is black friday, but all the customers will be in with there thanksgiving photo's or posed pictres of there children for there holiday greeting cards...we now print in Matte paper too !! Shameless plug of mine.. It seems that everyone with a digital camera thinks they are photographers now...yeah well, not even close. 

It illegal to copy a picture that is done by a photographer unless the customer has a note from the studio saying its okay and / or they own it. So let the fights ensue...if these people think Im going to believe they bought I giant box to put there kids in to take pictures in, and have it look all professional...then PUT THE NOG DOWN..Ive been at this way to long. I do love the customers who claim there " family member of choice" took the pictures, then well, you know what, that family member of choice can make you some more, because Im not going it, either are my Mohammed's So...sorry.
I dread tomorrow...Id rather be out shopping at 7 am then working, but hey, I needs them monies and I get my raise in February ( yay ) Its about damn time. I did find out right now, besides the assistant managers and EXA I am the top payed employee in the store..and this getting paid every other week crap sucks. But its okay, I'll live. I've been able to save more this way ...somehow.

Oi, my back hurts, Ima run help mom, tickle attack the nephew and yadda yadda.

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(no subject)

November 20th, 2006 (02:10 pm)

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current song: Sweet Dreams - marylin Manson

I simply adore new bedding....am I the only one? I doubt it.
But today was clean the room day..and laundry day..so yeah, I went into domestic mode, a mode not many are used to...Tim is really the only one used to it, but hes at work so he doesnt have to witness it...or help...but, the laundry is done, the ceiling fan hsa been dusted, the feather bed is on, the matress cover is vacuumed...( the ceiling fan is right over the bed ) and the new sheets are put on just waiting for me to climb into them tonight and dream away....So far, they have been all good dreams. Usually are, the ones I can recall anyway. Im either having those good dreams or thos past life dreams...so, eiher way, they are pretty god, except that one life....ack..not so good...I think thats where I screwed up, and this might just be punishment right now...well, this life, not right now, because right now, things are awesome, cards are falling into place.
Tonight I have so much to do and prepare for...and Im in lazy mode now, I hope tonight Im not so blah,...

But yesturday was awsome, got to see the nephew, love to see him, even when hes in a cranky mood...the little devil. He wants to hold the baby, but now he kind of understands the baby is in mommies belly and he has to wait...he is such a smart boy...now if I could teach him not to shove his elbow in my eye...he's be a genious. But thats okay, he allowed to, the only Y chromosome thats allowed to hurt me, lol.

I think the whites have to be chucked into the dryer....then maybe its time for me to jump into the shower...yeah, its time.

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Swedish Fish

November 19th, 2006 (10:22 am)

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YUM is all I have to say about last night. Melissa made me her yummy red beans and rice with steak and onions, and YUM YUM...awesome.
Then she got the recipe right for the drink that tastes just like swedish fish...yummier...what a kick in the ass that drink gives you, totally awesome....and a boyless Saturday night, both of our boys were out doing the work thing, and what else is there to do but drinky drink....

Thank you Ms Melly for the wonderful din din, the drinks and sharing your oh so comfy bed with me...you rock...

A nap is in order...
Love you..

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A dance with discord

November 17th, 2006 (10:11 pm)

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An interesting evening was had by all, and the turnout, greater then we thought. I snapped a few shots, I will have them in flickr probably by the end of the weekend...or by monday..might be way to busy this weekend.

But back to last night. 
What an evening, luckily the rain held out until we got there, then buckets fell from the sky as we invoked, danced, chanted, talked, and whatever else it was, that we did last night. The energy was so intense, and what a coincidence, ::snicker:: as usual with Jez, that Eris would be last nights discussion. So true is that , that with one word, one comment, a goddess could make the high and mighty of Olympus act like bickering children over a useless bauble. All because of a saying..Simply, last nights ritual had some major meaning in it, an alot of truths that many do not think about.
And thank you Melissa for comming with us, we miss you..even though you are closer then youhave been since you moved to NJ with your huna buna, but still busy busy life does keep us apart...muahaha till tomorrow night...muahaha.